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 BRAVETOWN Josh is perhaps the most prominent DJ in present time at the hottest club in New York City. All the major labels are ready to sign this young man and he’s well on the way to a life of fame and fortune. But after an overdose and discovering that he’s only 17 years of age, he is sentenced by the court to live out the rest of his underage years under the custody of his estranged father in the small town of Paragon, North Dakota. In just trying to ride out the next few months, keeping his head low and living under the radar, Josh meets Mary, captain of the dance team, the worse in the district, the state, possibly the country. This unexpected encounter messes up his plans to stay out of the limelight, hate everyone and not care about a thing but himself. Ordered by the court to meet with a psychotherapist, Josh begins to discover the depth of his pain and therefore, find sympathy for the people of this army town who carry the burden, pain and the loss of their loved ones to the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through the people of this small town, Josh discovers that there are bigger purposes to live than fame and fortune and caring for others opens up a life he never thought could be possible. Location: Winnipeg, Canada. Director/Producer: Daniel Duran Producer/Writer: Oscar Torres Prod Company: 2 Wolves Films Cast: Lucas Till, Josh Duhamel, Kherington Payne, Laura Dern, Maria Bello, Sharlene Taule. Release date May 2015